Marcel Dzama: Con razón o sin ella / With or Without Reason



English / Spanish, Softcover
176 pages
• 24.9 x 22.1 cm
• Published by
Imprenta J. Martínez, S. L., 2012 


Marcel Dzama: Con razón on sin ella / With or Without Reason was published on occasion of the exhibition of same title at CAC Málaga in 2012. The exhibition covered almost all fields in which the artist had worked at that time, from drawing to filmmaking and including dioramas, sculptures, paintings and collages.

Dzama's world is located between waking and dreaming, between fantasy and reality and between the explicit and the enigmatic. His world is as close at hand as it is remote and as familiar and evocative as it is indecipherable, involving narrative possibilities that are enclosed within it but not developed, and it is the viewer who must develop any hidden tale that it conceals. Unified by a markedly graphic and undeniably elegant style, this is a world in which a multitude of motifs and elements of varied origin come together, confront each other and join forces midway between fusion and confusion. Dzama amasses and creates an authentic horde of found images derived from different sources including the mass media and the history of art itself.

The publication features texts by Fernando Francés and Juan Francisco Rueda.

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Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama (b. 1974 in Winnipeg) has fascinated a wide international audience with his drawings, sculptures, installations and video works. Using a highly recognizable visual language based on a multitude of artistic references, subjective experiences and socio-political issues, he invites us into his very personal world full of life and death, music, calm and violence. The artist lives and works in New York.