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FORT consists of Alberta Niemann and Jenny Kropp. Since 2008 they create installations, performances and video installations (until 2013 with Anna Jandt).

Paul Hutchinson

In his photographic practice and in his writing, Paul Hutchinson (*1987) considers phenomena of modern day urban life and conditions of social mobility. Oscillating between moments of intimacy and fragility, inner city roughness and political statement, he always understands his artistic work as an attempt to create a contemporary and individual vision of the times we live in.

Lotte Maiwald

Lotte Maiwald's artistic approach deals with the interdependent relationship between the human body and its external environment. Her naive looking, very colorful, partly space-grasping paintings on simple nettle fabric are simply tacked to the wall. What appears to be harmless turns out to be a world you don't want to live in. Although their concrete reference to place and time cannot be determined, the depictions refer to the process of marking, demarcating, and securing a certain terrain.

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