“Just give me a strand of your hair, and you are mine, the whole lot of you”:

this could just as well be the call of the art collector in search of the authentic work in the artist’s studio. In the piece Blanks, FORT has taken the art world’s hair and distributed it among collectors.

A strand of the artist’s hair: it could be a memento or a token of love, like the lock of hair received from some faraway lover and worn at the breast in the time of Goethe.

A declaration of love from the artist to the audience. But here it is not a lock, it is just one hair. The romantic gesture is reduced to a single strand, and in this reduction it is stripped of almost all romance. One such isolated hair is rather more like a specimen that future generations could use to clone the best artists of the turn of the millennium.



The two artists who make up FORT, Jenny Kropp (b. 1978 in Frankfurt am Main) and Alberta Niemann (b. 1982 in Bremen), transfer everyday objects into the context of contemporary art. Through subtle interventions, FORT alienates the supposedly familiar in their body of work, while simultaneously allowing it to tip over into the unfamiliar. The artists live and work in Berlin.