Talia Chetrit: JOKE



English, Hardcover
128 pages
• 31.5 x 24 cm
• Published by MACK, 2022

The signed edition includes an extra image plate signed by the artist and glued into the inside back cover.


The latest collection of work by Talia Chetrit riffs insouciantly on themes of life, death, and birth through a variety of visual languages. In JOKE, Chetrit brings together family photos, street photography, still lifes, selections from the artist’s teenage archive, and expansive self-portraits involving a cast of characters who feature as both engaged and unwitting collaborators. Referencing a wide range of photographic tropes and traditions, Chetrit studies the power dynamics between photographer and subject as they spar and collude. JOKE deals in high humour and deadly seriousness, plunging us into a world in which social roles are inverted, norms are examined, judgements of taste and value are suspended, and everything coalesces, dead and alive, true and false, sincere and affected.

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Talia Chetrit

Talia Chetrit

Talia Chetrit (b. 1982 in Washington, DC) produces photographic works that are characterized by their compositional sophistication and compelling sense of purpose. Her extensive body of work includes self-portraits, portraits of family members, lovers, and friends, as well as nudes, still lifes, and cityscapes that make reference to art history in various forms. She lives and works in New York. Chetrit’s focus lies in researching and unveiling the basic social, conceptual, and technical conditions of the genre of photography. Her work is imbued with a desire to control the physical and historical limitations of the camera, to follow its manipulative potential, and to question the relationship between the photographer and subject. She’s dredging art photography for its value and relevance as it relates to the sheer ubiquity of images in all facets of our lives.