Julian Charrière: Towards No Earthly Pole



• English / German, Softcover
 306 pages
• 28.5 x 17.1 cm
• Published by Mousse Publishing, 2020


Ever since his artistic beginnings, the Romandy-born artist Julian Charrière has been exploring changing nature and the role humans play in it. In the cinematic work Towards No Earthly Pole, he combines different ice landscapes of our planet into a sensual, poetic universe. The work relates to the current climate crisis through subjective engagement with the particular topography of glacial landscapes and the historical figure of the artist as adventurer, investigator, and explorer. To realize the film, Charrière traveled with his team to some of the most inhospitable areas on Earth. He had already visited hard-to-access terrain for earlier projects—climbing the Indonesian volcano Tambora, or entering the restricted zones of nuclear test sites. All these places have in common a powerful historical, cultural, and geographic symbolism. In his photographs, videos, and objects—exhibited at MASI Lugano, Aargauer Kunsthaus, and the Dallas Museum of Art, and proposed in this eponymous publication—the artist questions received notions and images regarding certain regions and “nature” more broadly. Such preconceptions are often misleading, especially in the case of places that are difficult to reach and known to us only from pictures. The artist appeals to our capacity to marvel at the world and encourages us to look for knowledge—but also, at times, be overwhelmed by the wonders of nature.

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Julian Charrière

Julian Charrière

Julian Charrière (b. 1987 in Morgens) is a French-Swiss artist who investigates the relationship between human civilization and the natural landscape in his conceptual body of work. His artistic practice includes working in remote places with acute geophysical identities such as volcanos, ice-fields, or radioactive sites. Charrière’s research-based art work varies between photography, performance, intervention, and sculpture. The artist lives and works in Berlin.