Federico Herrero: Das Büro des Künstlers



English / German, Softcover
56 pages
• 30 x 23 cm
• Published by
Sies + Höke, 2006


Federico Herrero: El Oficio de Pintar – Das Büro des Künstlers was published on the occasion of the artist’s second solo exhibition at Sies + Höke in 2005.

Federico Herrero is considered one of the most important contemporary artists in Latin America. Some monochrome and some multicoloured, his abstract paintings reference the North American tradition of colour-field painting, as well as the intense and bright colours of Latin American artists from the Tropicália movement, such as Hélio Oiticica. Further influences are to be found in urban landscapes and Herrero’s own intense engagement with architecture.

The publication includes an interview between Federico Herrero and Jens Hoffmann.

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Federico Herrero

Federico Herrero

Federico Herrero (b. 1978 in San Jose, Costa Rica) is considered one of the most important contemporary artists in Central America today. Some monochrome and some multi-coloured, his space-embracing abstract paintings feature an intense and luminous chromaticity. Informed by urban landscapes and rich tropical flora as much as by art-historic references, his work establishes a basic visual communication. The artist lives and works in Costa Rica.