Henning Strassburger: Bleaching is Teaching



• English / German, Softcover
 152 pages
• 30.4 x 24.3 cm
• Published by Kerber Verlag, 2016



What is “being in the now,” and how can one continue to paint in a world that is increasingly shifting to the immaterial space of the digital? Confronted with the inexorable virtualization of reality, Henning Strassburger has been inquiring into what the conditions for painterly narration are.

With Bleaching is Teaching, he created an exhibition at Kunstverein Reutlingen that contemplates the current precipices and possibilities of painting with and in “pictures”: “People no longer see innocently, which means that I as a painter am therefore also unable to do so. One constantly paints the copy or reproduction at the same time. Automatically.”

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Henning Strassburger

Henning Strassburger

Henning Strassburger (b. 1983 in Meissen) is a German painter who explores the position of manual painting in today's digitally overloaded society. His visual language of expressive marks, strokes and recurring motifs appear gestural, but are on closer inspection predetermined. Strassburger’s seemingly spontaneous aesthetic belies a meticulous and pre-planned practice where themes and motifs unfurl across series and over time. The artist lives and works in Berlin and Zurich.