Henning Strassburger: What This Does



• English, Softcover
 44 pages
• 30 x 23 cm
• Published by Stürken Albrecht Druckgesellschaft, 2014


Henning Strassburger: What This Does was published on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Salon Dahlmann in 2014. With large scale canvases, the Berlin based artist exhibits his latest body of paintings, tying in with a video space titled #sources, and a so called #material space which interweaves objects, media, and ideological associations.

Strassburger’s work emerges as a kind of balancing act through questioning the tension between image and likeness in the age of electronic media. In a laconic, but simultaneously insistent manner the artist reflects the image-phantasms of a culinary exaggerated morphing-culture. Our culture constantly spits out new Fata Morganas, creating dazzling, artificial paradises, which often turn out to be empty artifacts of a consumer industry. On this threshold, Strassburger’s paintings propose passionate confessions towards a contemporary form of painting.

The publication includes a preface by Timo Miettinen as well as an interview between Henning Strassburger and Marc LeBlanc.

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Henning Strassburger

Henning Strassburger

Henning Strassburger (b. 1983 in Meissen) is a German painter who explores the position of manual painting in today's digitally overloaded society. His visual language of expressive marks, strokes and recurring motifs appear gestural, but are on closer inspection predetermined. Strassburger’s seemingly spontaneous aesthetic belies a meticulous and pre-planned practice where themes and motifs unfurl across series and over time. The artist lives and works in Berlin and Zurich.