Walterio Iraheta



Super Chica en Atilan, 2017
33 x 47 cm / 13 x 18 1/2 inches

Limited edition of 30 + 5 AP

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Working across diverse media from elegant pencil drawings to photography, installation and land art, Iraheta seeks to understand society through its objects and, in the process, offers thoughtful reflection on the present day.
Born in San Salvador, Iraheta specialised in Graphic Design at the Matías Delgado University in El Salvador, and has also studied at the Chicago Cultural Center (USA) and the School of Visual Arts, La Esmeralda (Mexico).

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First Day of Good Weather: Latin American Art

First Day of Good Weather: Latin American Art

Sies + Höke is delighted to present ‘First Day of Good Weather', a group show organized by the independent art space Despacio (Costa Rica). Despacio is widely considered one of the few independent Latin American voices that has had such a continuous influence over the art world in the last decade. Its vision and contribution to the development of Central America’s artistic voice is truly unique.