Peppi Bottrop: Dream on



German / English, Softcover
96 pages
26,4 x 21,3 cm
Interview: Christian Malycha and Peppi Bottrop
Text: Boris Pofalla
Editing: Nina Weimer
Design by Thomas Spallek
Published by Sies + Höke, 2023


Published on the occasion of the exhibition Peppi Bottrop, Dream on, Sep 3rd – Oct 15th, 2022, at Sies + Höke. [...] In comparison to earlier series of works, the paintings currently exhibited under the title Dream On at Sies + Höke show an increase in depth. They are more open and fragmented. The formerly prominent ocher and red tones have completely disappeared. Bottrop’s color palette has been pared down. His canvases were executed with charcoal, graphite, soot, and acrylic paint. The deployed painting equipment includes hardware store brushes attached to broomsticks, spray bottles, and fired twigs. The 9 use of soot is particularly fascinating. Besides other black tones, it makes an even deeper impression. An abysmal black hue cracks open, seeming to reach into great depths like a coal mining shaft. Looking at it feels a bit like peering into the twilight, but without losing any contrast. [...] Text excerpt: Forest of the distant future; Boris Pofalla

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Peppi Bottrop

Peppi Bottrop

Peppi Bottrop (*1986 in Bottrop) is known for his abstract charcoal paintings that reference the history of industrial urban landscapes and societies in Western Germany. The artist was raised in Bottrop – a city in the Ruhr region known for its former coal mining industry – and uses his own past as the backdrop for his intuitive and sensitive large-scale works on canvas. In his work, Bottrop creates impressive correlations between architecture, space, gesture, and subjectivity. The artist lives and works in Los Angeles.