• English / German, Hardcover
 112 pages
• 28.5 x 22 cm
• Published by Druckverlag Kettler, 2014



Jonathan Meese: COUNTDOWN “K.U.N.S.T.” (DIE GEILSTINVASION) was published on the occasion of his third solo exhibition at Sies + Höke in 2014.

The works on view at Sies + Höke are unmistakably influenced by Meese's investigation of Richard Wagner's opera Parsifal. A happy pairing: Wagner's and Meese's works correlate congenially on different levels, both artists aim to create a total work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk) rather than individual artworks, the works are characterized by an explicitly expressive dramatic gesture, and both artists were and are imbued with the desire to transcend the social conditions of their time, by means of art.

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Jonathan Meese

Jonathan Meese

Jonathan Meese (b. 1970 in Tokyo) proclaims the autonomy of the work of art, which, removed of its purpose and detached from religious cults and secular forms of rule – and thus liberated from people – is subject to its own laws, is self-determining, is void of ideology. He treats figures, symbols and language equally, as long as they fulfill, in his opinion, their artistic function, namely aesthetic conciseness and impact. Under these premises, Meese conducts a willful appropriation and mixing of characters and motifs from high and popular culture in his paintings. The artist lives and works in Berlin.