Claudia Wieser: Generations



English, Hardcover
160 pages
• 25.4 x 17.78 cm
• Published by Smart Museum of Art – The University of Chicago, 2021 


Claudia Wieser: Generations highlights her first traveling solo exhibition in the United States held at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts and the Smart Museum of Art in 2020. The exhibition engages with the past decade of Wieser’s artistic practice by showcasing a selection of significant installations that illuminate her interest in time and the human condition through a combination of processes and materials.

Alongside images of her artworks and installations, this publication features essays by curators Rachel Adams and Jennifer Carty that examine Wieser’s practice in relation to its historical foundations and influences. This volume also contains three interviews conducted by art historians and scholars Maggie Taft, Igor Siddiqui, and Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy, offering a range of perspectives on Wieser’s multidisciplinary practice.

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Claudia Wieser

Claudia Wieser

Claudia Wieser (b. 1973 in Freilassing) is known for her Modernist-inspired geometric constructions that reference Bauhaus architecture and design, spirituality, alchemy, and furniture design, with a nod to 20th century abstraction and expressionism. Trained as a blacksmith, her work is rooted in craft and functionality. Wieser always relies on her environment, takes into consideration site specificity and conceives her work with the public in mind, to provide an opportunity for escape, respite, and connection as we re-emerge into our shared world. The artist lives and works in Berlin.