Björn Dahlem: The End Of It All



• English / German, Hardcover
124 pages
• 27.5 x 21.3 cm
• Published by Kettler, 2012 


With his sculptures and installations, Björn Dahlem lends form to phenomena that lie beyond our power of imagination. In doing so, he does not give priority to the visual translation of sweeping insights but instead makes visible the inexplicable, the wonderful, the contradictory. Without wanting to take scientific manners of representation and precision into account, Dahlem develops complex structures out of everyday objets trouvés that make reference to theories and models from the areas of cosmology, astronomy, particle physics, or quantum mechanics. He uses his weightless and seemingly fragile constructions to almost playfully address the great questions of philosophy, metaphysics, and theology, joining them to form a separate cosmos. What is not actually visualizable takes on ambiguous form by means of interplay between profane and peculiar objects.

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Björn Dahlem

Björn Dahlem

Björn Dahlem (b. 1974 in Munich, Germany) is a German artist who makes sculptures and objects that represent abstract concepts of space and matter, often including sources of electric light. He became internationally known for his expansive installations made of simple materials, which find their starting point in complex questions of scientific theories and models. The artist lives and works in Berlin.