Andi Fischer: ta ta



English / German, Softcover
64 pages
• 26.5 x 21 cm
• 9783932729270
• Published by Sies + Höke, 2020 


Andi Fischer: ta ta was published on the occasion of the artist’s first solo show at Sies + Höke in 2019.

Andi Fischer’s schematized, colorful drawings and paintings reveal the features of forms, objects, and events. They are populated by figures composed of circles and lines; detailed with simple gestures, their bodies are usually only partially colored. Their quick and lively rendering in oil pastels is reminiscent of a young child’s use of wax crayons. People, crocodiles, lions, tigers, suns, houses, swordfish, swans, trees, and apples can all be recognized as frequent recurring motifs. With the addition of a drawn sword, an otherwise unremarkable stick figure becomes a heroic warrior, while the jagged bared teeth of a crocodile or tiger can be interpreted as clear indications of imminent danger.

The publication features an essay by Bettina Haiss and a recollection of a visit to the artist's studio by Gesine Borcherdt.

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Andi Fischer

Andi Fischer

Andi Fischer (b. 1987 in Nuremberg) is known for his large-format figurative paintings of animals, people and landscapes, painted with a quick mixture of oil pastels and charcoal. In his works Fischer tells universal stories that challenge and contradict the conventional demands of painting. Beyond pure provocation, he succeeds in transforming life in all its superficiality into crude and entirely hierarchical paintings. The artist lives and works in Berlin.