English/German, Softcover
69 pages
• 26.5 x 21.1 cm
• Published by Sies + Höke, 2020 


BLINKY PALERMO was published alongside an exhibition of works by said artist at Sies + Höke in 2020.

Palermo’s oeuvre can be described as a more subdued and tender European version of Minimal Art and colour field painting. Engaging in the tradition of geometric abstraction, it is more mischievous and melancholic than that of his minimalist predecessors. His abstraction does not deny narratives, but contains a longing that can only be called romantic. The works discussed date from 1965 till 1970 and a broad array of media is included, from painting and wall object to water colour, drawing and silkscreen print.

This publication features images of eight works by Blinky Palermo, alongside exhibition views, both historical and recent, and extensive work details. It also contains two essays: Straight (No Chaser) by Susanne Küper and The Sky is the Limit by Gesine Borcherdt.

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