FORT: Works



• German, Hardcover
 168 pages
• 31.5 x 23.4 cm
• Published by 
Snoeck Verlagsgesellschaft, 2015


FORT: Works was published on the occasion of the artist duo's solo exhibition Shift at Kestnergesellschaft Hannover in 2015.

The artist duo is interested in ambiguities that arise when the original meaning of objects and places, that seem familiar to us from everyday life, is altered by visible and rather subtle interventions. Moving, altering and shifting of contexts and modes of perception is also the main theme of the exhibition Shift.

The four independently created works Leck (2012), The Calling (2014), as well as the objects Lonesome Raider (2015) and Somebodies (2015), developed specifically for the exhibition, form a dense overall composition in the exhibition dramaturgy designed by the artists. In different formal and narrative ways, the works deal with the requirements and contradictions of today's consumerist meritocracy.

The exhibition catalogue features an essay by Lotte Dinse.

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The two artists who make up FORT, Jenny Kropp (b. 1978 in Frankfurt am Main) and Alberta Niemann (b. 1982 in Bremen), transfer everyday objects into the context of contemporary art. Through subtle interventions, FORT alienates the supposedly familiar in their body of work, while simultaneously allowing it to tip over into the unfamiliar. The artists live and work in Berlin.